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VI Glass Innovation
Dr. Andreas Herrmann
Sophienstrasse 10
07743 Jena

"VI Glass Innovation" is specialised in the development of glasses and ceramics for use in the fields of photonics, LED lighting, bio- and sensor technology. We are specialised in the design of individually customized fluorescent ceramics, glasses and fluorophors in powder form that can be used as fluorescent standards, for analytical purposes or as wavelength converters for LEDs or sensors. Development of glasses with customized optical properties, e.g. up-conversion or quantum-cut-materials can be done as well.

Few small- and medium-sized enterprises that operate in the area of bioanalytics, medical engineering, LED lighting or sensor technology have the opportunity to develop the materials needed by themselves. Research institutes on the other hand are most often not interested in small scale research and development projects. That's excatly the market niche that we would like to bridge. We put your objectives effectively into practice and offer individual support. We develop the materials you need in close cooperaion with your engineers and technicians up to the first prototypes, preproduction series and beyond. For a rough impression of our work please have a look at our gallery.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any of the materials described.

(ah / 01.09.10)

glass ceramics development design fluorescence fluorescent prototype photonics fluorescence standard LED sensor Up-Conversion Quantum Cutting bioactive bone replacement material research frequency converter UV IR visible light wavelength detector